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I have created a Trello board template replicating the exact step-by-step process I follow when serving my clients. I also included a video tutorial so you can use this template to serve your biz in the BEST way possible. This system is what pushed my business to be open for 10+ years AND hold onto clients that have trusted me to run their business for YEARS.

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    Michelle Jacob

    Owner of GYST Ventures

    Who am I?

    I’m the founder of GYST Ventures. I love working with other like-minded entrepreneurs to level up their businesses! After a rocky professional past, I FINALLY found my passion, and I want that for you too. It transformed my career and my life. Strategy and discipline are my jam, and I can’t WAIT to work together. I’m ready to help you GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!

    What will you learn?

    • How to map out your dream business
    • How to plan your financial goals
    • How to on-board/off-board clients
    • How to market your business
    • How to take notes during a meeting
    • How to create a To-Do list
    • How to set/meet annual goals